House of Cards (1993)

house of cards 1993

chosen by: Julia

place of viewing: Schloss Julia und Edu


Matti, Edu, Julia, Rui, Fernanda, Cristina, Pablo

House of Cards (1993)

One thought on “House of Cards (1993)

  1. ruiresende says:

    Sometimes you do find things like this film, which is a bit like a Frank Zappa song or a Danny Devito screenplay: marvelous writing disguised as a mere pop-corn seller.

    The great things about this film make me forget the obvious concessions to box office: the uselessness of Tommy Lee’s overdramatic character, or the cheesy ending.

    The beauty of this is all in the multiple structures presented to us, both physically and metaphorically, and how they are layered in such a way that moving one affects all the others, like a house of cards. How they are put together is flawed, and it lacks the subtleties and hooks of any Medem script. But it’s a glorious try, a world of connections of all sorts.

    The first gate to this world are the Maya pyramids, so carefully photographed in the clever inicial sequence in Mexico. There we are given key concepts to interpret the whole thing: The ascending dynamic of this (highly spiritual) shape, the tragedy of the father’s death, which triggers the whole plot, and the moon – introduced in a clumsy way, as the cosmic witness to the tragedy and as some old folk indian tale.

    Later we fold the idea of the abstract structure that is the “key” to our girl’s mind into the idea of a physical shape, that of a spiral, conceptually close to the conception of a Maya pyramid. The girl actually builds the thing, using common cards and some Tarot cards, providing us another key to another abstract structured cosmic world: metaphorical links between cards and several realities; a whole cosmology of its own.

    In between you get hints at other parallel, strong structures: 1 – before becoming an autist the girl spoke three languages; 2 – trees… she climbs them, repeating the ascending movement, and she disguises herself as one… she becomes it!; 3 – the construction site and the crane, an obvious reference, as it is the fact that the mother is an engineer, a designer of structures (the 3d stuff does sound middle-aged to our BIM days…)

    The spiral is replicated in a greater scale by the mother, she actually builds her own gate to her daughter (building up for the obvious climax). What you get is the beautiful idea of a physical structure as the metaphor for a spiritual link, and the act of building as a symbol of reaching for someone. This is underscored by the seemingly shared dream between our girls, which i found pretty lame. So the result is a sort of maternal built love. You have to love it!

    If you want to live in this kind of abstract world of beautiful suspensions, bridges, cosmic connections, you HAVE to go to one of the best directors/writers ever to define such worlds, and that would be Julio Medem. This one is already juicy enough to make me write this stuff instead of going to sleep, since i’m sick and tomorrow i must work…


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