Relatos salvajes (2014)


chosen by: Cristina

place of viewing: Schloss Edu und Julia


Mati, Edu, Julia, Cris, Fernanda, Rui, Pablo

Relatos salvajes (2014)

2 thoughts on “Relatos salvajes (2014)

  1. Nitpicker says:

    Too harsch for me. I will always say that I find 100 times harder to make public laugh than to make it suffer. I think this movie is a good example of this. 6 stories about the lowest and darkest of human behaviour will shake everybody’s feelings.
    The cast does a very good job though.


  2. Chiisana says:

    I loved it!!!…
    …because they show you the darkness part of human being ( like nitpicker said) but they also make you laugh. This is important because sometimes we are so angry that we can’t see we are acting like fools, or things that make us angry are nonsense.


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